Why are we so stupid for Apple?

So I’ve been thinking about this all day, ever since I read Cult of Mac’s announcement this morning about the iPhone 5 coming out in August (supposedly).   Immediately, the geek in me rejoiced at the prospect of yet another phone to get my hot little hands on.  However, (and since I can’t get one right away as I just got my 4 in January), the more I thought about it, the more I asked myself “Why do you even need to upgrade?”.  Now put down your pitchforks, people!  I’m not saying that we should stop buying into Apple and new technology in general.  Apple is obviously by far my favorite manufacturer of geek good-ness considering between my husband and I we own a 27″ iMac, a Macbook, a Macbook pro, an iPad 2, 3 original iPads (each family member needed their own of course!), 2 iPhone 4’s and 2 iPhone 3gs’.  We’re not shy when it comes to buying into new tech.  Like I stated in the title though, why are we so stupid for Apple, and by extension, shiny new technologies?

My gut answer was not a great one.  “Ooooh shiny/faster/better – must have!”  I would like to think that since I call myself a geek I would have a better reasoning.  However, in the end, I fall under the “cutting/bleeding edge”  category below.  This brings me to my analysis.  After thinking about it today and talking to some of my friends, I think in the end, users will fall into one or more of the following categories when it comes to “Why am I upgrading?”


Status Symbol


These people don’t know a damned thing about technology generally, but they must always have the best!  This in my eyes is the CEO of a big company who wears the name brand suits, drives the $90,000 car, and who barely knows his secretary’s name.  The only time he addresses her is when he can’t figure out how to play angry birds on his new (just purchased yesterday!) phone.


Cutting/Bleeding Edge

This is going to generally be someone who is very familiar with technology, and is excited to play with the latest and greatest.  This person doesn’t NEED to upgrade, but enjoys keeping up with what’s out there today.  They would also rather eat Ramen for a month then go without waiting in line for 9 hours to get the newest iPhone/iPad/etc.


Right Place, Right Time

This person, as the caption suggests, just happens to need an upgrade just as something new and awesome is released.  They may still be using a flip phone from 2006 that AT&T has finally stopped supporting.  They’re not particularly technology savvy, but they’ve read enough to know that if they’re going to upgrade, they’re going to upgrade to the newest thing so that (in their minds) they wont have to upgrade for another 5 years again.



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Fun Geek Stuff

I’m always on the look out for funny geek toys (to either buy or just drool over).  My husband knows of, and feeds this obsession.  Case in point, three fun things he found yesterday:

Star Wars Sandwich cutter (could also be used for cookies!)



Star Wars Pancake Mold:



And finally, If I only had a Braaaiiinnnn…. (how has this not been thought of before??)



So much cool stuff out there!

I love Firefox, but…

So yeah, I love firefox.  I’ve loved them since the days of old when they first came out and no one knew who the heck they were.  However, I have been irritated time and time again every since update 3.5 which introduced my nemesis:  Tab Tearing.  Basically, you can click and grab a tab and pull it off into it’s own window.  A cool feature for sure, if you want to work on something without distraction.  However, after the 1,372,992th time of me just innocently clicking anywhere NEAR a tab, and it detaching into it’s own window, I knew SOMEONE out there had to have made a fix for this.  So, I broke out my good friend Google and got to work.   A mere three minutes later, and I had this gem:


(Click on the picture above to see the larger page)

Basically, once this add-on is installed, you have the GLORIOUS option of turning off the ridiculously non-functional Tab Tear feature.  I’ve been using it all day and it works great!  It definitely makes for a less frustrating browsing experience, especially since I generally have anywhere from 10-20 tabs open at once.  What can I say?  You almost HAVE to have A.D.D. to be a geek :)


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